Robert Monteleone sent out his first CD “Wake up Call” recorded with his Jazz band Symposium in 1994. The group was formed in 1988 and has evolved into a dynamic, diverse rhythmic and harmonic structured band, crossing many lines of today’s music genres.


Robert released his debut Smooth Jazz CD ‘JUST HAVIN’ FUN’ in 2004,maintaining the beautiful melodic quality which is core in his compositions. He delivers the 10 song compilation with intentions to help listeners slow down and relax, reduce tensions, chill, reflect, and hopefully 'JUST HAVE SOME FUN'!




SYMPOSIUM has toured, opening shows for Pieces of a Dream, The Crusaders, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Brian Bromberg, Richard Elliot, Roger Smith and headlined many local shows throughout Northern California.


The ‘JUST HAVIN’ FUN’ and ‘WAKE UP CALL’ CD’s were both produced by Smooth Jazz artist Roger Smith. Roger suggests that Monteleone’s strength is the ability to create melodic current for the simple and complex harmonic structures of the songs and solos.


MEDITATION Lullabies for Jayna Angelia, Mothers and Newborns is a maiden voyage for Monteleone. These tracks are solo piano and synth improvisations. The intention for this CD was inspired by the birth of Robert’s 1st Grandchild, Jayna Angelia. These tracks are music to aid the healing, relaxation, meditative, and any process that leads to wellness and wellbeing. This CD will provide peacefulness for children, mothers, dads, and health practitioners, spiritual and psyche healers, yoga participants and just about anybody looking to find a way to improve body, mind, and spirit. 


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